Time. It is for sale, but you can’t buy it. Time is fleeting. Time is money. Time is precious. We waste time. We lose time.

If you ask a wise old man “what would he do if he could go back 30 years in time?” he would likely reply he would invest differently, or buy that property that turned into a business park. But what would be most important, something that the laws of nature prohibit from happening? He would have more time. Perhaps he would treasure a day out fishing with his late son. Maybe he would spend a few more hours with long gone friends and family. That is the precious time that we wish we had more of. That is the special time that we cut into in order to get a little more pay in the paycheck. That is time that is lost.

So how can we really get more of this kind of time? We try and reduce the time spent commuting. We try to reduce the time it takes to do the chores around the house that must be done. We find ways of cooking and preparing meals that are faster. Maybe we could sleep a little less. Not likely. I know that cutting into my sleeping time is a short term fix that soon costs me more…you guessed it… time! It seems we cannot win.

So we all must divide the 24 hours in a day to the way that best suits us individually. That begins with prioritizing our time from most important to least important. We can begin to add the things that cannot be changed like sleep and work to our schedule. There is also time spent just to relax, and bring peace of mind. This may be a hobby like gardening, keeping pets, playing sports, or coin collecting. Taking a walk or riding a bike are good choices. That is time well spent, because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! So now you are down to a few hours or even minutes that are left to use. Should you spend 2 hours binge watching a Vampire show? Perhaps it may be more fulfilling to use 30 minutes to talk or play a game with your child, or with a friend. Maybe those flowers need some attention in the yard. Maybe getting more time just involves making better choices with the time we already have.

It turns out we do have some control of how we use our time. Some use time better than others. The good news is that tomorrow has the same amount of time as today does, and the same as
yesterday had. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, but if you are lucky enough to see tomorrow, what will you adjust in your routine to make the best use of your time? Whatever you do, spend your time wisely.