You hear more and more about property damage caused by the delivery or pickup of dumpsters. Recently we met with a client who had their property damaged by the delivery of a dumpster to their next door neighbor. The rear of these properties is only accessible by the use of a small single lane alley. The neighbors dumpster company used a 30 ton delivery truck to deliver a small dumpster. While trying to jockey the dumpster into position the truck driver drove over the corner my clients parking area leaving tire impressions six inches deep into the blacktop. When the dumpster company was asked to repair the damage their reply was that the owner of the adjoining property had signed a damage waiver and it wasn’t their responsibility. Eventually the neighbor paid for the damage but only after my client provided surveillance camera footage showing what had happened.

These types of problems occur far too often. To avoid problems like the above mentioned incident you should ask your dumpster company about the size of the vehicles delivering the bins. Many residential parking pads and driveways are not constructed for large delivery vehicles. Plan ahead to make sure driveways, underground water pipes, sprinklers and fences are not damaged. Know beforehand who will be responsible for damage. Also know that damage caused by driver negligence should never be your responsibility.

Our company uses lightweight vehicles to deliver dumpsters up to 20 yards in size. They have the ability to deliver bins to tight locations without using your neighbor’s property. We place protective panels onto the surface before the bin is lowered into place to limit damage.